The event Test Extra: Teleli(f/v)e was a conceptual performance event that happened on 31st January 2014, programmed and thought out by myself and produced by “Het Nutshuis” in The Hague. The idea was to have a performance event that reflects on the idea of a new life in times where we are constantly surrounded by screens. The former bank building of the Nutshuis is a monument in The Hague, that spans two levels and includes also a level underground where formerly the safes of the bank where housed.

I made use of all the different levels by putting performers in different rooms on different levels, and having a video-installation on the ground level.

There was a concept to the event thought up from the moment of entering the building, where visitors would be greeted by four different camera images. These would all be actual live-streams from different rooms containing a live-performance (all four performances where continuous throughout the evening). Yet the live-streaming cameras where angled in a way that some part of the performance was hidden, which would only reveal once the visitor would enter the actual room themselves.

Performers: Trickster (group), Ronald Schelfhout, Gaby Felten and Ji Young Kang.

Here is a great text by Emily Whitebread on how she witnessed the event without being informed beforehand.

Very nice photographs by Stephan Kaffa:

Link to the event on the site of “Het Nutshuis”.