Letters to Boro Ramiz

My contribution to the project “Prishtine mon amour“, seems like I was destined to end up in the Balkans again!

One-Hour Performance of carrying Different Letters on Plates, adding to the abandoned Archictecture of The famous Boro I Ramiz-Building in Prishtina.

All together they form the sentence “Hapat e Kujteses vijne, ketu ku jam tash”. Translated to english, this means “Footsteps of memory enter here where I am now”.

The following pictures are from the final 10 minutes of the performance on 8.9.2012, when the sentence was finished and I continued to walk the path I had gone before without carrying anything no more.

Photo Credit: Majlinda Hoxha

More images and video to come soon (one day :/ )

The Boro I Ramiz is a famous building in Prishtina. Built under the communist regime to make Prishtina an important city in Jugoslawia, it became a place of memory for many people – before and after communism. The place, now called “Palace of Youth”, was an event hall for cultural events with an ice-skating rink included. Many people in Prishtina remember it from their childhood as a place of spending evenings with concerts, shows, sports and more. All that, until the building burned in 2004 under still unexplained mysterious circumstances. The temporary re-inhabitation of a building like Boro I Ramiz through the Art-event “Prishtine mon amour” makes it possible to awaken these memories for once more. And me talking a walk of an entire hour on the former seating ranges of it, would literally make “footsteps of memory enter here where I am now” – a sentence taken from an albanian poem. To connect my taken footsteps with the building, part of the sentence that was constructed from letter plates during the performance would be already written; by the building itself as letters to mark different entrances to the seating ranges.