Soundtracks Showreel

Over the past year my work has been steadily going more into the direction of soundtracks and sound design. I decided to create a showreel and make a dedicated overview page. Showreel below, more info here.


Once Upon a Roof

New Sound Design work in-progress for this Theater piece by Sophie Stravens that takes place on a rooftop.

The soundtrack created is made to work specifically with that kind of location. Made using field recording techniques in combination with granular synthesis. Go see it 4/5th june of 2022 at the Dakendagen Rotterdam! Alternatively also at Fringe Amsterdam in September.

Iron Forest Anomaly LP – Available now

This is my first release on tape for Rotterdam Label Tar Hallow.

‘E-Mertz – Iron Forest Anomaly LP’ is my first physical music release. Tracks are in the typical style for this label mostly raw electronic ones ranging from Techno to Electronica and Ambient.


Electronic Merz Radio Show

I’m doing a new monthly Radio Show at Worm! A little minipage is here – Dates are irregular for the moment, but can be found on the Worm Website. And below a playlist of course :))


e-mertz · Electronic Merz Radio Show

Caffeine Radio

My personal quarantine project in 2020!

Caffeine Radio is a monthly show that combines contemporary (electronic) music with philosophical dialogues. Born in 2020, it presents philosophical dialogues on topics that are all loosely related to dealing better with something impacting your life out-of-nowhere like a pandemic. These are blended with abstract electronic music from the finest DJ`s of Rotterdam and surroundings.


The show is aired every third Tuesday of the month on Operator Radio from 18:00-20:00 CET. It is archived on Mixcloud. However you can also download it on our website or subscribe on Apple Podcasts/ Spotify / Google.


Electronic Mertz Tracks

More dreamy/soundtrackish music made in Rotterdam and Yellowknife between 2019 and 2020.


Yelloknife residence outcomes 2019

Thanks to V2 and WAMP I was able to spend my Summer in Yellowknife, Canada, where I further developed my program for creating visual synthesis.
Here you can see a performance presented at the center mall, Yellowknife, Canada on 29th August 2019.

Equipment used: Visuals of self-taken photographs and video’s triggered by MIDI and processed in VVVV. Audio by patches made in Pure Data and with the Zynaddsubfx-engine using the Zynthian Hardware Synthesizer.

This project is produced as part of the Summer Sessions Network for Talent Development in a co-production of WAMP and V2_ Lab for the Unstable Media.



The whatlist board of members present the website – “whatlist.info”. Created by the board of members of the whatlist, among them me and Karina Zavidova.
So what is it? From the about page:

Wanna know what love is or don’t know what is love? Doesn’t matter, you’ll find either in the whatlist –
the only complete index of al what-songs ever made!

Whatlist.info is the ultimate list of all songs containing the word “what” EVER made.

Our database currently boasts more than 3000 entries.” http://whatlist.info

Presented during Interactive Storytelling Meetup @ Lava, Amsterdam.


Extrovert Export & Recent developments in Visual Synthesis

Over the past months I have been working on software to create more advanced forms of visual synthesis.
Using this platform I have created the performance “Extrovert Export”. So far it has been shown at ETTO as well as in a shortened version at the Timewindow Testival.
A video that is more of a technical demonstration of the software that I’m creating.

Some phone captures by Lavinia Xausa of me performing at ETTO.



A performance recording of “Extrovert Export”. This is a shortened version played at the Timewindow Testival, Rotterdam. In this recording the view on me as a performer is combined with screen-captures of the visual image. Filmed by Katarina Jazbec.


Dislocated Connection for an unknown future

Waiting Lines and talks with a clairvoyant.




Testing 1…2



Habitus, audiovisual keyboard performance at Rewire Festival 2014,
The Hague. Divided in four parts, reflecting on urbanity and emotion.


Life Design is happening!

Already for some days during the KABK Graduation festival here in The Hague, people have been getting interviewed and got their lifes succesfully analysed! Wanna join the experience? Opening times from 11:00-17:00 from 12-17th of july 2014!!



The event Test Extra: Teleli(f/v)e was a conceptual performance event that happened on 31st January 2014, programmed and thought out by myself and produced by “Het Nutshuis” in The Hague. The idea was to have a performance event that reflects on the idea of a new life in times where we are constantly surrounded by screens. The former bank building of the Nutshuis is a monument in The Hague, that spans two levels and includes also a level underground where formerly the safes of the bank where housed.

I made use of all the different levels by putting performers in different rooms on different levels, and having a video-installation on the ground level.

There was a concept to the event thought up from the moment of entering the building, where visitors would be greeted by four different camera images. These would all be actual live-streams from different rooms containing a live-performance (all four performances where continuous throughout the evening). Yet the live-streaming cameras where angled in a way that some part of the performance was hidden, which would only reveal once the visitor would enter the actual room themselves.

Performers: Trickster (group), Ronald Schelfhout, Gaby Felten and Ji Young Kang.

Here is a great text by Emily Whitebread on how she witnessed the event without being informed beforehand.

Very nice photographs by Stephan Kaffa: https://www.flickr.com/photos/stephanck/sets/72157642289440925/

Link to the event on the site of “Het Nutshuis”.


Distortion 2

Live @ Studio Loos, 24.01.2013. This video is an excerpt of the entire performance.
Some good photos by Stephan Kaffa available here.


From the reality movie #1

Non-documentaric everyday-life magic.


Letters to Boro Ramiz

My contribution to the project “Prishtine mon amour“, seems like I was destined to end up in the Balkans again!

One-Hour Performance of carrying Different Letters on Plates, adding to the abandoned Archictecture of The famous Boro I Ramiz-Building in Prishtina.

All together they form the sentence “Hapat e Kujteses vijne, ketu ku jam tash”. Translated to english, this means “Footsteps of memory enter here where I am now”.

The following pictures are from the final 10 minutes of the performance on 8.9.2012, when the sentence was finished and I continued to walk the path I had gone before without carrying anything no more.

Photo Credit: Majlinda Hoxha

More images and video to come soon (one day :/ )

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Liri – Kenaqësia e të punuarit – Transparencë politike – Krenari / / / / / / / / / / / / / (Freedom – Joy in Labor – Political Transparency – Honor)

Made in Tirana, Albania. This was made as part of the project “Pyramids”, and exhibited in Tirana Ekspres from 24-28th Februari 2012.

Installation documenting and reflecting a 5-day performance, where the artist “sold” the possibility of singing a German/Austrian song from his own culture. Each song represents a new “phenomenon” to improve the Albanian culture. Is it an act of exchange between two cultures, or is it about one culture “pressing” its values onto the other?

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Performance over video, den haag 2011. Unfortunately the first 20 seconds or so are missing alas.



Audio-visual performance reflecting urban enviroment and emotional state.



Some more recent musical output now available here.